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The Woolie Original and Woolie 2-Color Dual Split Roller DELUXE MULTI-TECHNIQUES Sheepskin/Lambswool Faux Painting Kit

The Woolie

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The Deluxe Faux Finish Painting Kit is our newest product. What makes this kit special is that we have combined our most popular and best-selling faux finish paint tools into to one all-inclusive purchase.

The primary paint tools included are The Woolie Original faux finish paint pad and The 2-Color Split Original faux finish technique roller.  Each of these tools are used uniquely and create their own faux painting style.  We discovered that often times consumers end up purchasing both products, so we decided to combine the best of both worlds together.  Now known as our Deluxe Starter Kit.

The Woolie Product Details:  

This is the ORIGINAL and OFFICIAL Woolie Faux Finish Painting Tool. The Woolie 100 percent Sheepskin Pad is the heart and soul of our faux finish painting products because it's so versatile, easy to use and easy to clean. The Woolie has been deemed the best-selling and most popular decorative faux finish painting tool for creating many faux finish painting techniques. Use The Woolie for:


    • FASTEST, EASIEST and most VERSATILE paint tool! One Tool makes Many Paint Finish Techniques.
    • Use with wall paint OR faux glaze.
    • Gives you professional-looking results quickly and easily. Very forgiving.
    • The Woolie is 100 percent Natural sheepskin, so it's washable and reusable.
    • Extra Large - 9.5 x 5.5 inches - Very lightweight and ergonomic. Makes painting fun!
    • Instruction videos and how-to faux finish paint steps on The Woolie's website.
    • Designed to fit into all of your edges and corners, giving you consistent and professional-looking results!
          • Color-Meshing
          • Marbling
          • Color Wash
          • Glazing
          • Dragging / Strié
          • Linen / Denim
          • Antiqued Leather / Stippling
          • And MORE!

Use on anything that can be painted! The Woolie faux finish paint tool is fast and easy for beginners to professionals. Check out our step-by-step how-to faux finish painting step-by-step instructional videos available FREE on YouTube as TheWoolieCompany. Guaranteed to be of the highest quality to ensure your painting project success!

Designed for all types of painting projects. Great for smooth or textured walls using any type of paint or glaze. The Woolie painting tool is used in several of our how-to faux finish paint videos on YouTube, so you can see for yourself just how well it works!" 

2-Color Dual Roller Product Details:  

  • Our most popular faux finish painting roller.
  • Applies 2 contrasting colors of regular wall paint - In one coat.
  • No new base coat required before using this technique.
  • Perfect for large surface areas.
  • 100 percent Natural sheepskin - Washable and reusable.

The Dual 2-Color Split Roller is our most popular faux finish painting tool. It saves you time compared to other techniques. This roller works with the DUAL 2-COLOR SPLIT TRAY.

You do not need to apply a new base coat prior to faux finishing. It simply applies 2 contrasting wall paint colors to your wall in one fast and easy coat. You control the look by the paint colors that you choose and by how much you blend the colors.

The more you roll, the softer and more muted the look becomes. Use The Little Woolie to blend your edges and corners to get professional-looking results. Plus, you do not need to worry about keeping a "wet edge" when faux finishing - you can start and stop in the middle of the wall if you need to.

PERFECT for large or vaulted walls. You can use this paint roller on any paintable surface - Smooth or Textured. Also, check out our step-by-step faux finish painting instructional videos available on YouTube.


Our paint brushes, paint roller products and supplies are guaranteed to be of the highest quality to ensure your painting project success! We proudly offer these products to you, combined with fast shipping, great customer support and reliable service and knowledge.
We pride ourselves also upon providing you with the best instruction steps, instruction videos, color ideas and inspiration for your paint decorating. Since 1997, The Woolie has been the most popular Faux Finishing paint tool brand on the market. Humbly, we're world-famous for our great tools.

All items are authentic and official products created and manufactured by The Woolie.

The Woolie products are warranted when consumers purchase directly from the manufacturer. Purchases made from second or third party sellers void all warranties. The Woolie warrants our products to perform satisfactorily when used properly in accordance with its instructions for faux finishing. We will replace the product or refund the purchase price in the event the product is proven defective, which shall be the exclusive remedy under the warranty. Liability for consequential damages is specifically excluded. No other warranties expressed or implied are given.

All images, designs, tools, descriptions, proprietary techniques, instructions and The Woolie name are exclusive intellectual property belonging to The Woolie. All rights reserved.

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