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Value Pack Sets

​​​​If one is good, then two are fan-fricking-tastic! Our products hold up, but often times it's great for sheer convenience. Now you don't need to be troubled when your friends and neighbors ask to borrow your tools after they see your finished projects!

We proudly offer these products to you, combined with fast shipping, great customer support and reliable service and knowledge. We pride ourselves also upon providing you with with the best instruction steps, instruction videos, color ideas and inspiration for your paint decorating.

The Woolie Original Faux Finish Painting Tools have been deemed the best-selling and most popular decorative painting tools for creating these faux finish painting techniques; Color-Meshing, Marbling, Color Wash, Glazing, Dragging, Strie, Linen, Denim, Antiqued Leather, Stippling, Diamonds, Stripes, and more.

Celebrating 20 years, The Woolie has been the most popular Faux Finishing paint tool brand on the market. Humbly, we're world-famous for our great tools.