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Fastest, easiest  and most versatile faux finishing paint tool!  Use with paint or faux glaze.  Use The Woolie to create many faux finish painting techniques.
The Woolie is 100 percent Natural Sheepskin, so it's washable and reusable.
Extra Large, (9.5 x 5.5 inches) lightweight and ergonomic. Makes painting fun!

This is the ORIGINAL and OFFICIAL Woolie Faux Finish Painting Tool. The Woolie 100% Sheepskin Pad is the heart and soul of our faux finish painting products because it's so versatile, easy to use, and easy to clean.

The Woolie Original Sheepskin Pad is designed to fit into all of your edges and corners, giving you consistent and professional-looking results! The Woolie has been deemed the best-selling and most popular decorative painting tool for creating these faux finish painting techniques - Color-Meshing, Marbling, Color Wash, Glazing, Dragging, Strie, Linen, Denim, Antiqued Leather, Stippling, Diamonds, Stripes, and more!  View our How-To faux finish paint video series on The Woolie Company's YouTube Channel.

Use on anything that can be painted! Walls, floors, ceilings, furniture, lamps and accessories.....whatever your creative side inspires you.  The Woolie Original Faux Finish Paint Tools help you make it beautifully happen.

Great all inclusive starter kits, combo sets, value sets and singles available for everyone from beginners to professionals. They are guaranteed to be of the highest quality to ensure your painting project success!

We proudly offer these products to you, combined with fast shipping, great customer support and reliable service and knowledge. We pride ourselves also upon providing you with with the best instruction steps, instruction videos, color ideas and inspiration for your paint decorating.

For 20 years, The Woolie has been the most popular Faux Finishing paint tool brand on the market. Humbly, we're world-famous for our great tools.