" " Official - Best All Cotton Rags for Faux Rag Painting by The Woolie
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All Cotton Painting Rags For Faux Finishing by The Woolie MEDIUM

The Woolie

  • $ 499


  • 100% Lint-Free Cotton Painting Rags - Highest Quality Available

  • Perfect for Faux Finish Painting

  • Consistent Fabric - Gives You the Most Consistent Rag Painting Finishes

  • Each Rag is Extra Large - Makes It Easier To Handle


Faux finish rag painting is a staple painting technique that can be created on walls, floors, ceilings and furniture. An important part of getting a great ragging faux finish is to use the best rags available. You should use 100% cotton, lint-free rags that are uniform in size and texture. If the painting rags that you use vary in absorbancy or in fabric texture, then your results will represent those variations. Of course the idea behind a great faux painted finish is that you want the faux glaze color and texture to transition throughout your surface. However, the key to success when faux finishing is to keep those transitions consistent. That’s why we offer our highest-quality painting rags. Simply put, you’ll get a better end result than you would get with standard rags found in most paint supply retailers. Try our premium 100% cotton faux finish painting rags, you’ll experience the difference!

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